Meet the Team

Dr. Juliana N. Njokanma

Life Resources Incorporated
P. O. Box 690

Beltsville, MD 20704

or 301-905-8553


Academic Qualifications:   
          PhD. In Ministry
          Master’s Degree in Theological Studies
          BSc. In Business Administration and Management
Vocational Education:
          Education for Parish Service (EPS) Program, Trinity University
          Clinical Pastoral Education, St. Elizabeth Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital
Affiliations and Additional Service:
          Member of the 3rd Order of the Dominicans
          Extra-Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist
          Proclaimer and Sharer of the Word
          Howard County Corrections (Christian Jail Ministry)
          Chaplain Volunteer
          Justice and Advocacy Group of Archdiocese of Washington
          National Association of Catholic Chaplains
          Nigeria and Israeli Chamber of Commerce Member
          Nigeria Institute of Bankers and Civil Liberty Organization
                                 (A Nigerian Human Rights Organization)
          Reading (The Holy Scriptures) and Praying for the Needy World
          Traveling to Religious Places and Collection of Religious Articles
          Volunteering and Caring for the Needy
          Meeting People and Making a Difference in Their Lives
          Love for Nature and Music  


Life Resources Incorporated is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower  the voiceless, advocate of the disabled and the  vulnerable.

Making a Difference

Assist indigent people here in the USA, Africa and around the world; wherever the need calls.

Educational Resourcing
Provide scholarship funds and award scholarships to educationally proven individuals deserving an opportunity to further their education to secondary schools, universities and vocational education.

Professional Affiliations

Howard County Corrections (Christian Jail Ministry), Chaplain Volunteer, Justice and Advocacy Group of Archdiocese of Washington,
National Association of Catholic Chaplains, Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Nigeria Institute of Bankers.